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About the Society

Details of Aims, Activities,  Membership and Meetings 

Identikit Books
    Macquarie Island 
- Subantarctic House
- Plants
 Macquarie Island is administratively part of Tasmania and has evolved a distinctive flora appropriate to the rugged conditions. Living specimens can be viewed in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Hobart 
   Conservation Angles

  1. Deal island caretaking
 2. Friends of Tasman island
The Spirit of Gondwana
- The Story of Gondwana
- Timeline: Geological History 
   and Australian Flora
              - A Gondwana Connection?
              - Mt. Read Huon Pine
              - Banksias and history
"Spirit of Gondwana" was the theme of the Society's successful flora expo held in November, 2001.
    Tasmanian Treasures
   Coastal Plants
Colourful or unique plants from mountains, woodland, rainforest and coastal regions
    Container Plants
  Trials in Cultivation
   Plants for Special Places
Gardening for patios and balconies
Native grasses and Climbing Heath
     Index of Plant names
   Glossary of Leaf Shapes
Native plant nurseries in Hobart

                Phytophthora cinnamoni                                          Myrtle Rust             
List of plant species included in this site
A useful guide to identification
A useful list

An introduced fungal menace
A new fungal menace
     Fire Safety
     Bushfire Recovery


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