Blue Stars

Insect Induced Plant Galls - part 1

Insect Induced Plant Galls - part 2

Pale Sundew

Tall Sundew

Scrub nettle

1. Shady and Wet
2. Partial Sun and Moist

"The tree with the stone on the outside"

A Unique Cushion Plant

Hakeas - prickly beauties

Terrestrial Orchids - appearances can be deceiving

An Enigmatic Lomatia
(October 2008 update)

Rare and Rugged She-Oaks       

Bracken and Bugs

The Sagg - from neglect to respect

The GrassTree - for all it's worth

Bursaria - A Matter of Birds, Barbs and Butterflies

Lichens - Canaries of the Forest

Lichens in the Rainforest       

A Unique Rock Orchid                   

The Native Grass Menagerie

Groundsels and Fireweeds      
The Guitar Plant        

Stimulating brews from the Hop Bushes       
Lomatia tasmanica
                                LOMATIA TASMANICA

                                     Photo:  Kris Schaffer


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