The Society has published the following identikit booklets which are available from most Tasmanian
tourist outlets, and Tasmaps.

Booklets available from:

Wildflowers of Mt. Wellington Alpine Wildflowers of Tasmania Woodland Wildflowers of Tasmania Rainforest Plants of Tasmania
   The Second editions of "Rainforest Plants of Tasmania" and "Alpine Wildflowers of Tasmania" are now available.       

   The Second editions of "Orchids of Tasmania" and "Coastal Plants of Tasmania" are now available.
    Wholesale orders:  Please contact (03) 6229-4276                    

Caring booklet

This book (only) is available FREE from the society. Write to Box 1353, G. P. O., HOBART, 7001 or click on "Contact Us"  stating your name and full postal address.
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