Tasmanian Blue Gum The Floral Emblem of the State of Tasmania; Eucalyptus globulus - the Tasmanian Blue Gum.
History,   Activities, Membership and District Groups .

The Australian Plants Society Tasmania Inc. (formerly the Society for Growing Australian Plantsis part of an Australia-wide organisation made up of people interested in the propagation, cultivation and conservation of plants native to Australia. The objects of the Society are:

*   To encourage the cultivation and study of Australian plants.
*   To encourage the establishment of gardens in all types of soil and climate for the preservation of the flora of          Australia.
*   To support efforts to strengthen the laws and regulations of all bodies given authority by legislation of the              Commonwealth and States of Australia for the conservation of Australian flora.
*   To encourage obedience to and the enforcement of laws and regulations with regard to the preservation of the       flora.
*   To publish any information that may further the aims and objects of the Society.
*   To cooperate with other societies, associations or bodies with similar or substantially similar aims and objects.
*   To purchase, take, lease, exchange, hire or otherwise use any real or personal property necessary or suitable        for the purpose of the Society.
*   To do all such things as are incidental to or conducive, necessary or convenient to the rights and privileges of        the Society or to the attainment of the above objects.
*   To promote the knowledge, appreciation and preservation of Australian plants, both in their natural settings          and in cultivation, with special emphasis on species indigenous to Tasmania.
*   To promote recognition of the Society as a resource group for educationalists and the government.

(From the Society's Constitution)


The Society for Growing Australian Plants was founded by Mr A J Swaby in Melbourne in 1957. For several years he wrote a column "Know Your Natives" in the popular gardening magazine Your Garden. These articles attracted a great deal of interest. "Regions" were set up in a number of states, and Hobart was originally a local group of the Victorian Region until 1969. A new group commenced activity in an informal way until May 1971, when the Tasmanian Region was formed, led by Kay Geeves and based in Hobart. (Kay Geeves work was recognised with the award of an OAM on Australia day 2004).

In November 1976 a Northern Group was created and in May 1978, the North West Group was formed. Finally , in June 1993, a group was formed in the Kingborough region to cater for members who prefer daytime meetings.

The Hobart Group carried overall responsibility for the State until 1993 when the Tasmanian Region Council was set up to take care of  the main administration, future direction and policy. District groups are represented by elected delegates who attend the State Council Meetings and, where possible, take part in the Biennial ANPSA Conferences, ( the national body known as the Australian Native Plants Society(Australia).) In March, 1999 it was decided to change the Society's name to "THE AUSTRALIAN PLANTS SOCIETY - TASMANIA INC" in line with similar name changes in mainland groups.



The monthly meetings include talks by various experts, news from other groups and states, sales of plants at discounted prices, propagation aids, a sharing of knowledge from the study groups,  an update on changes in taxonomy, future events programme, access to the libraries, and the sale of current books. Practical demonstrations of planting and propagation techniques are popular programme items. Hobart Group take part in annual  open days at the Tasmanian Bushland Garden.   Regular propagation days are held at the APS nursery, located at Kingston Primary School from 1.30 pm on the first Saturday of each month, which enables members to gain "hands on" experience. Contact: Nursery co-ordinator 03 6224 1004 

Our Newsletter, EUCRYPHIA, is published quarterly and mailed out to all members. A further publication, AUSTRALIAN PLANTS produced by APS - NSW is optionally available with membership. This is a continuous and very detailed  account and will ultimately cover all categorised Australian plants, and includes excellent illustrations and photographs. District groups publish local newsletters which are emailed to members on request.  (Hobart Group newsletter)

Walks and excursions to places of botanical interest are available to members. These are graded as follows: A - mostly driving, short walks; B - more walking, easy paths; C - long walks, uneven ground. The trip leaders have the right to deny excursion participation to those whose health or fitness is not compatible with the grading of the walk. Hobart Group offer regular guided walks to the Tasmanian wilderness.


Regular Membership (including Organisations) $40  Concessional Membership $37
Additional Household Members $9 (Adults), $1 (Children under 16)
Overseas Membership $55  "Australian Plants" (optional) $14

NB: The concession rate is available to persons possessing a Student ID Card or a Pensions Concession Card issued by the Department of Social Security or by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Applications for, and renewals of membership should be forwarded to:
    Treasurer APST Inc., PO Box 3035, ULVERSTONE MDC, TAS  7315, AUSTRALIA
Overseas members should pay by bank draft in Australian currency.

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Group:            HOBART
When:             Every second Wednesday of the month
Time:              7.30 pm
Where:           University of Tasmania Life Sciences lecture theatre
                       Building 34 UTAS Sandy Bay campus, left side of College Road
                        NB Meeting details apply up to the meeting of May 14, 2014
                        For the June 11, July 9 and August 13 meetings Hobart group will be trialling
                        afternoon events at the Fern Tree Community Centre commencing at 2 pm

Contact:          Secretary, GPO Box 1353K, Hobart  7001 or 03 6267 4384 (A.H.)

Group:            KINGBOROUGH
When:             First Wednesday of the month
Time:              2 pm
Where:           Red Cross Meeting Rooms, Balmoral Road, Kingston
Contact:         Secretary, PO Box 281, Kingston 7051

Group:            NORTH WEST
When:            Third Tuesday of the month
Time:              7.00 for 7.30 pm
Where:           Mersey Regional Library, Devonport (or as advised)
Contact:         Secretary, PO Box 3035, Ulverstone MDC 7315

Group:            NORTHERN
When:            Third Tuesday of the month
Time:              7.30 pm
Where:           Max Fry Hall, Gorge Road, Trevallyn