TASMANIA is one of Australia's better kept secrets, cradled by the Roaring Forties (winds) and as old as Time. Ancient sedimentary rocks were intruded by dolerite, which was later exposed and sculpted by glacial ice to create a rugged landscape of bare mountains with a characteristic "organ pipe" design.   Temperate rainforests, abundant with ferns, mosses, lichens and colourful fungi,  hide in sheltered mountain folds. Enormous trees tower up from these moist havens and waterfalls are fed by glacial lakes. On the exposed high ground plants have accommodated themselves by becoming smaller and more dense, able to withstand harsh living in snow-melt or blazing sun or scouring winds.

Allocasuarina monilifera

Milligania johnstonii

Banksias of Tasmania

Eucalyptus ovata

Risdon peppermint  

Small-leaf Dusty Miller

Barber's Gum       

A Medley of Melaleucas       

Rediscovering Hibbertia rufa        

Velvet Boronia                

Mt. Read Huon Pine           

Huon Pine                            

White Peppermint

Swamp Peppermint          

Tasmania's Floral Emblem
   The majestic Blue Gum

Summer Flowers      Parts 1 and 2   

Montane Plants     Parts 1 and 2

Cushion Plants

The World of the Daisy 

A Glimpse of the Rainforest

A Glimpse of the Rainforest - Part 2            

A Glimpse of the Rainforest - Part 3          Mosses and Liverworts  

A Glimpse of the Rainforest - Part 4  

Autumn in the Rainforest - Part 5
Fungi   (Part 1)

Fungi -  Part 2


"The Skink Link" 

Springtime in Tasmania       

Tasmanian ferns

Black Wattle - Boots, Bettongs and Flynn



Tasmanian Federation Flower

Scents of Importance                       

The Genus Grevillea                        

Mt. Field - A park of many moods  

A New Endemic Acacia   

Russell Falls


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